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Why do Orchard Lane products need refrigeration after opening the bottle?

Why do Orchard Lane products need refrigeration after opening the bottle?

* There are no preservatives used. No, not even sodium benzoate- since it is potentially cancer causing
* Our jams are lightly cooked- so that we preserve the nutrition content. Definitely need the fridge once opened

At Orchard Lane, what we pack into our bottles, is LIVE fruit. The fact that we follow a very strict and elaborate process around hygiene allows our unopened products to stay at room temperature. But the moment you open the bottle and the outside air interfaces with the product, it needs to be treated like live fruit.

But live fruit, we mean it is equal to any fresh fruit that you buy from the market, or just like chapati or sabzi that you cook at home. 

If you leave either of these things at room temperature for more than a couple of days, you would not be surprised to find mould and fungus spores growing in it. That is because it is live food. And live food is also food for bacterias that thrive at room temperature. 


However, when you place our products in the fridge, the shelf life gets extended to 4 weeks. Please just make sure the jam/sauce/ketchup are not contaminated by a foreign particle like a food crumb. The most common reason for external food particle to go inside the bottle is by re-dipping a spoon into the bottle. 


Please use a clean dry spoon to dip in everytime or do not touch the dipped spoon anywhere before you set it again in the jam bottle. 


Hope this helps. Our goal is to provide you with ready-to-spread fruit anytime you need it. This way, you get the nutrition, taste, amp up your dishes and satisfy the dessert cravings by just a spoonful of our low-sugar, low-calorie jams and sauces.