Pomegranate Jam - 80% Fruit - Made with 1.2 kilo of pomegranates for each bottle - No colours, no preservatives, no flavours - 280 grams

This rose hued spread is a labour of love. We shell hand-picked pomegranates and juice them. Then fresh green pears are sliced up, soaked in the juice and gently simmered together until the flavours combine. Since pomegranates have little fibre after removing the seeds, this is a runny spread- more like jelly meets jam and is best had straight out of the fridge. But the amazing goodness and antioxidant properties of pomegranates get transformed into this spreadable fruit. Drizzle over ice cream, desserts or tea cakes, Or just get a crisp toast and spoon a layer of this exotic jelly jam!

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Type: Orchard Lane

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