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High-Fruit Jams


Apple & Pineapple Jam
Rs. 349.00
Banana Date Vanilla Jam
Rs. 349.00
Melon and Cranberry Jam
Rs. 349.00
Strawberry Jam
Rs. 349.00
Orange Marmalade
Rs. 349.00
Pineapple & Orange Marmalade
Rs. 349.00
Kiwi Preserve
Rs. 349.00
3 in stock
Hot and Sweet Guava Jam
Rs. 349.00
Mixed Fruit Jam
Rs. 349.00
3 in stock
Pomegranate Jam
Rs. 429.00
Sold Out
Alphonso Mango Jam
Rs. 210.00 Rs. 349.00
Berry Blast Combo
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 666.00