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High-Fruit Jams


Apple & Pineapple Jam
Rs. 349.00
Banana Date Vanilla Jam
Rs. 349.00
Melon and Cranberry Jam
Rs. 349.00
Strawberry Jam
Rs. 349.00
Orange Marmalade
Rs. 349.00
Pineapple & Orange Marmalade
Rs. 349.00
Kiwi Preserve
Rs. 349.00
Hot and Sweet Guava Jam
Rs. 349.00
Mixed Fruit Jam
Rs. 349.00
Pomegranate Jam
Rs. 429.00
Sold Out
Alphonso Mango Jam
Rs. 349.00
Berry Blast Combo
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 666.00


How does one describe a healthy jam that is good for us?

Fruit Jams have been cooked since centuries in various ways, with a variety of fruits and with different sweeteners such as sugar or honey. However, during the last few decades, jams have come to be known as junk food because of excessive sugar added and total lack of good fruit in it.

Here are some things to consider: 

FRUIT CONTENT:  A good jam should have high fruit content. Most traditional jams were made with 50% sugar and 50% fruit ratio. Even today you will find jam brands following this. Some brands even have 65% sugar and 35% fruit. So the jar of jam that you buy is mostly sugar. Orchard Lane makes jams with the highest fruit ratio globally with 80% fruit and just 19% sugar.

SUGAR CONTENT: Similarly, the sugar content defines not only how sweet or oversweet the jam is but also how it is high in calories. Sugar has empty calories, devoid of nutritional value and bump up your calorie intake and lead to weight gain.

PRESERVATIVES : There should be no chemical preservatives used. In India the most commonly preservative is Sodium Benzoate, also called Class II Preservatives or permitted preservatives. Sodium Benzoate is potentially cancer causing and is banned in developed countries.

ARTIFICIAL COLOURS: The addition of artificial colours instantly rings a bell - fruit have natural color and if the jam contains carefully chosen, high quality fruits, there is no need to add additional colour. Artificial colours cause a host of health problems in children, example the red colour is linked with respiratory issues such as asthma and wheezing.

ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS : An jam brand that has artificial fruit flavour is obviously not good enough with its fruit quality and content and needs to be avoided.

ACIDITY Regulators : Look out for acidity regulators, stabilisers that are added to retain the colour and freshness of the jam. These chemicals are bad for health.

ZERO CALORIE SWEETENERS: Zero calorie sweeteners, also called SUGAR-FREE are a class of chemicals called sugar alcohols, commonly called Erythritol, Sorbitol. These sweeteners look and behave like sugar but are linked to blood clotting, heart attacks and strokes. One can commonly find them in diabetic or keto products and need to be avoided strictly.

Why Should You Choose Orchard Lane Organic Jams ?

Orchard Lane jams are a great choice for those looking for a healthier and natural alternative to regular jams. Orchard Lane jams have globally the highest fruit content and are made with no preservatives and are free of artificial flavours and colours. They also contain more natural vitamins and minerals and have a more intense flavour. 

Each jar of Orchard Lane jam is made with around 800 to 1200 grams of raw fruit. So these jams can be thought of as condensed fruit jars, full of nutrients and are the second best option to eating fresh fruits. 

Orchard Lane Organic jams are also more sustainable, as they are produced using natural farming methods that help protect the environment.

What are the various jams that Orchard Lane makes?

Orchard Lane makes 11 different types of jams with a variety of fruits, so there is something for everyone’s taste. We make jams with Apple, Pineapple, Orange,  Strawberry, Watermelon, Cranberry, Banana, Dates, Mango, Pomegranate, Guava, Kiwi, Raspberry, Strawberry.

Apple & Pineapple Jam, Banana Date Vanilla Jam, Melon and Cranberry Jam, Pineapple & Orange Marmalade, Classic Orange Marmalade, Kiwi Preserve, Hot and Sweet Guava Jam, Alphonso Mango Jam, Strawberry Jam.

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