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Jams, Preserves and Ketchup by Orchard Lane are high quality, 100% natural and made from fresh whole fruit. There are no chemical preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours. We make very low-sugar, tasty, healthy and fresh fruit spreads, so that you experience the natural flavour of fruit.
      Our jams are 80% fruit by weight, so in every spoonful you also consume a healthy portion of condensed fruit. In fact, it takes almost half a kilo of fruit to make a jar of our jam. Our products are the easiest way to include healthy fruit in your life!
Orchard Lane Organic Tomato Ketchup is made with organic real tomatoes, not tomato purée. We use the best handpicked tomatoes, the finest 100% natural and ingredients including rice bran vinegar, that lends the ketchup great taste as well as a powerful health quotient.

Jams that are Truly Spreadable Fruit

Orchard Lane Ketchup and Sauces