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Nature is my inspiration. As a young girl, I was drawn to simple food, natural remedies, alternative medicine and healthy options. In early 2000's, I graduated with an engineering degree and continued to put my energies into mental work - handling complex technical issues for telecom security, wifi technologies and optical networks.

After the birth of my first daughter, I further directed my energies toward healthy choices in our daily life. Through books and research I realised that many mainstream products contained toxins and that clean, healthy and beneficial products could be made fairly simply at home. This interest was always at the back of my mind- despite my corporate career. 

As any other mother, my children's health has been my first priority. My humble efforts in changing the way we perceive and consume jams, was appreciated within friends and family and so I decided to take it a step further and spread the goodness to health conscious people out there.


 And with me, are the efforts, minds, time and energies of half a dozen amazing team members - without whom this venture would have still been a thought in my mind.



Founder and Director