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Q. What makes Orchard Lane Jams unique?

A. If you're already conscious about the packaged foods you eat and the way they are prepared, then the next step is to understand how packaged food labels are to be read. If you look closely at the label, there are 2 main things of concern:

Ingredients and Nutrition Table.

Ingredients - Orchard Lane Jams use very simple ingredient list- all 100% natural. Names that you understand. Most Jams out
there have a long ingredient list of chemical sounding numbers. Orchard Lane endeavors to eliminate the use of chemical additives in our Jams. We only use fruit, sugar, lemon juice and 100% natural high-quality pectin from Citrus fruits. Our pectin is the best in class, made by a leading manufacturer of pectin, and having no chemicals or preservatives.
Pectin is a natural substance contained in the core and skins of fruits- it has binding capabilities and is actually good fibre for the body. While it helps set the jam to the lovely gooey consistency that we all love, it also aids in our digestive systems.

Nutrition Table - This is a very important section. Most packaged products mask the amount of added sugar in the name of Carbohydrates. It is important to see the precentage of sugar or carbohydrates mentioned in the nutrition table. Orchard Lane is constantly driving against excess sugar in packaged foods. We sport low-sugar jams that taste as natural as the fruit itself and can be considered to the next best alternative to eating fresh fruit.
We make jams from fresh fruits and cook it very lightly so that fruit retains its natural nutrients and tastes like its own self.

Q. Where do Orchard Lane ingredients come from.

Fruits- We source the best fruits from various sources. Our Mangoes could be from a farm in South India, while the grapes could very well be from the best wineyards in Bangalore suburbs. Fruits like Cherries, apricots and peaches are sourced from our partners in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Other fruits like Australian oranges are imported since the Indian Nagpuri oranges are not ideal for making Marmalades- given their bitter skin and pith.