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Orchard Lane is perhaps a small village nestled in the Himalayan mountain range with a river flowing through and orchards laden with amazing fruits and nuts. I had this fleeting image in my mind when I started making fresh fruit jams and sauces for my children. I could see my children playing in the imaginary orchards of a such a hamlet. My family would have breakfast or evening snacks with the healthiest and delicious jams and sauces from these orchards. My love for these orchards and my children often merge. In my mind, I could see myself caring for these orchards like they would nourish and delight my kids and family.

And somehow in this manner – part wishful thinking and part reality – I conjured and reinforced the image of Orchard Lane. Over time this image took shape of a certain conviction. I could see that there would be millions of families who looked forward to such a place of abundance.


And gradually, I started seeing it as clear as day that I would love to make available the natural riches of this imaginary Orchard to everybody. In this dreamy sort of a manner, the brand Orchard Lane was born.

Orchard Lane is committed to making pure and healthy fruit jams and sauces without the added chemicals and unnecessary sugar that has become the norm.

Our vision is simple – to make accessible the abundance of orchards to all those who value and yearn for it.  I welcome all readers of this blog to our vision. This is foremost the effort of a mom passionate about her family and kids. I seek your patience and support. Our journey has just started and we have a long tough ask ahead. I can only promise you our relentless passion and care for our products. I hope that our passion will translate in your love for us and our mission.

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